Aims of the Hypnotherapy Association

  1. To maintain a National Register of Practising Hypnotherapists.
  2. To accept into Membership those members from the Register who can demonstrate the required competence and experience for membership entitlement.
  3. To improve and increase the knowledge and skill of all members by providing workshops, seminars and meetings demonstrating special techniques and skills.
  4. To maintain contact with the medical profession and other complementary disciplines. To carry out the recommendations of the 1993 BMA report “COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE - new approaches to good practice”.
  5. To maintain contact and improve understanding within the NHS, Regional Health Authorities and Private Health Insurers.
  6. To operate a self-regulatory body for Hypnotherapy and promote the National Register of Practitioners by contact with politicians in government.
  7. To print and publish information promoting hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and associated techniques.
  8. To issue membership certificates and make available Professional Liability Insurance for members.