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September 2017

Overqualified or Over Stated? by Michael O’Sullivan
A tongue in cheek look at our profession
The plethora of qualifications and designatory letters after many a hypnotherapists name can be a cause of some confusion to members of the public and indeed, other healthcare professionals.

Do You Care Too Much? by Susan Leigh
I was talking earlier with a friend who is a lawyer. She was saying that she’d recently found herself over-thinking her cases after work, waking up during the night, worrying if her clients had followed her advice, questioning if she could have done more, concerned about their next steps.

Hypnotherapy: Technique or Profession by
Shaun Brookhouse, MA(Ed), DCH, PhD, PGDHP, FRSH, FNCH
And Fiona Biddle, BSc(Hons), DipCAH, DipCouns, FNCH
This paper is derived from what seems to be the age old question as to whether hypnotherapy is technique or profession. This controversy affects the acceptance of hypnotherapy conducted by those without a formal qualification in another discipline, be it medicine, psychology, counselling or psychotherapy.

Manage Stress with the Waterfall Technique by Tracey Burchard
Stress is a powerful influence on how we feel, emo